About EGO Housing

We offering house rent for employees – fast, compatible price, constant care of houses.

  • Rented over 250 houses.
  • Let us to find the right home for your employees.
  • All arround Netherlands and Belgium!
  • From a single employee to big groups of people, we can help.
  • Accommodations are fully furnished.
  • Experience of more than 10 years.

We have years of experience as a rental agent in the Netherlandsand in Belgium and in finding the right home(s) for expats and other employees.

We provide car rental for your employee's!

We have a great range of new and comfortable rental cars to choose from.

We will save you a lot of time and energy, know exactly how we can quickly find the right rental property and car services for your expat(s).

Rent now!

Rental for your employees without the headaches.

We provide you with the rental solutions to bring your business vision to life with immersive experiences — fast and without issues – 100%.


Quality Housing Solutions – Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Tailored Packages for Businesses – Customized Solutions!


Convenient Car Rental Services – Improved Work-Life Balance!


Accelerate Your Business with Lightning – Fast B2B Services!

“Your Vision, Our Space - Tailored Rentals for B2B Growth!”

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